Intro to Intermittent Fasting

It's so good to see you here at the 14 Day Reset! 🙌. Have you ever considered Intermittent Fasting as a lifestyle? I know.... this is a 14 Day Reset, but what might happen if your reset became the blueprint for a successful "rest of your life" health story? 🥰
In this video, I cover.....

    Identifying the problem of metabolic inflexibility
    What intermittent fasting IS and IS NOT
    Who shouldn't intermittent fast

Please refer back to Missy Chambers Miller's video on Whole Food eating. It is a critical component to health.... whether you choose intermittent fasting as a lifestyle or not.
Stay tuned for more videos. Some of the other topics I'll be covering in this group:

    Intermittent fasting basics
    Fasting like a girl vs fasting like a guy (BIG difference!)
    Troubleshooting difficult weight loss (several videos)

At the core of everything, remember this: God gave us all we need for optimal health.... water for hydration, bodies that can move, night and day so we can have time to rest, healthy nourishing food, and community to lean on one another (The commitment of the Holy Spirit to remain with us always is the cherry on top!❤️) ...all of this will never be trumped by any medication which offers the lure of weight loss. Every medication (or procedure) designed to help lose weight, will come at a cost to your health in another way.