The 14 Day Reset 
Does it work? 

What is NingXia Red?
NingXia Red was Clinically Studied: 
What Exactly is the 14 Day Reset?

For the next two weeks you will do the following daily:

1.) Drink NingXia Red- the superstar antioxidant drink! 

2.) Drink 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water

3) Eat clean & eliminate foods that are inflammatory

4) Move your body daily at least 30 minutes-any way you’d like!

*meal plans and workout suggestions included

What Perks come with the 14 Day Reset?

  • More Than 8 Meal Plans To Choose From

  • Booklet & Printables To Help You Stay On Track

  • 14k+ Community Of Support

  • Free Website & App Access 

  • Workout Plans From Nationally Certified Trainer

  • Monthly Education Live & Recorded 
    • Naturopaths, Scientists, Nutritionists, Therapists

  • Journaling Prompts & Mindset Coaching

Are you Ready for a Reset? 
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You will need 102 ounces of NingXia Red to do the 14 Day Reset.

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