1. Be kind and courteous
This group is here to provide education, help with accountability and to promote and encourage community. Please be kind and compassionate with all comments. Absolutely no hate speech or tearing down of others will be tolerated.

2. No promotions or spam
This group was created for Team YL, therefore, we will only be discussing good foods, Ningxia Red, and other related YL products. Even though many of us may use supplements and products that are not YL related, please do not use this group as an opportunity to share other products or links to other products or groups; especially those from another network marketing company.

3. Please respect the privacy of others
This group will have lots of testimonies and no doubt things folks are struggling with physically and emotionally. Nothing shared here or in the Sneak Peek group is to be shared with anyone else without personal permission from the sharer. We encourage you to share using your personal testimony and you may also use the monthly testimonials provided by your 14 Day Reset administration team.

4. Liability Disclosure
By joining the 14 Day Reset, you are assuming full risk and responsibility for every action you take while undergoing the Reset. This includes the eating plan you choose, any workouts you participate in, any suggestions or comments shared, as well as your choice to use any supplements that are recommended by Young Living Essential Oil Independent Customers, Brand Partners, Admins and Experts in this group.

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