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14 Day Reset Rules - All groups

Our goal for the 14-Day Reset is to collectively enhance & grow the Young Living community, harnessing our shared talents and abilities in unity within a proven, duplicable system. To ensure this system remains effective, accessible, and free for all, we have established the following rules which are designed to honor the original intent of the admins who generously shared this system.  We trust this will help preserve the integrity and collaborative spirit of the 14-Day Reset. Please note, these rules are subject to change as this group evolves and we deal with new concerns of a growing group. Our goal is to focus on growing our Young Living business together as Team YL, nurturing a space where our collective talents are celebrated. 

If these rules are violated in any way, it will lead to removal of content and notice to those involved.  If there is a repeat offense, the individual/s will lose access to all 14-Day Reset resources.

1. Be Kind and Courteous
This group is here to provide education, help with accountability and to promote and encourage community.  Please be kind and compassionate with all comments.  Absolutely no hate speech, bullying, negativity, or any form of tearing down of others will be tolerated. We are committed to a supportive and drama-free environment.

2. No Non-YL Products, Self Promotion, Affiliate/Profit-Linked Sharing or Spam  
This group was created for Team YL, therefore, we ask you to refrain from sharing any non-YL products or links, especially to other network marketing groups. As well as you are not to mention any other system outside of the 14-Day Reset. 

Also, kindly avoid self-promotion of any kind, even if you feel it relates to the Reset itself.  For example (but not limited to):  directing participants to other pages, groups, or external spaces where you could personally profit in any way; inviting people to follow you on your private or business social media page, soliciting private messages for any purpose, or sending affiliate links for any product.  

3. Please Respect the Privacy of Others
This group will have lots of testimonies and no doubt things folks are struggling with physically and emotionally.  Nothing shared here or in the Sneak Peek group is to be shared with anyone else without personal permission from the sharer. We encourage you to share using your personal testimony and you may also use the monthly testimonials provided by your 14 Day Reset administration team.

4. Liability Disclosure
By joining the 14 Day Reset, you are assuming full risk and responsibility for every action you take while undergoing the Reset.  This includes the eating plan you choose, any workouts you participate in, any suggestions or comments shared, as well as your choice to use any supplements that are recommended by Young Living Essential Oil Independent Customers, Brand Partners, Admins and Experts in this group.

5. Resources Related to the 14-Day Reset
Any resource related to the 14-Day Reset, including but not limited to graphics, bundle codes, booklets, landing pages, the website, or email campaigns, must be offered free of charge. For businesses incorporating the 14-Day Reset into their service offerings, it's important to note that the Reset should not be the main focus of your marketing strategy. While you can include the 14-Day Reset as part of your services, it should not be used as the primary attractor or leading element in your marketing materials. Commercializing these resources is strictly prohibited. Violations will result in a 24-hour notice to remove the content, followed by loss of access to all reset resources upon non-compliance.

1. Be Kind and Courteous
2. No Non- YL or Self Promotion
3. Please Respect the Privacy of Others
4. Liability Disclosure
5. Resources Related to the 14-Day Reset

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